Óscar Víquez

Senior Fullstack Developer

I’m a Costa Rican born and raised Web Developer, Designer and Amateur Photographer with a passion for clean and functional design & code.

I have over 12 years experience in the digital services industry, having worked with some of the big company names in my country. Ranging from Front-End, Back-End and Project Management. I have successfully contributed to +200 projects plus a wide range of freelance and own side projects.

A long successful career in Tech

These are just the most recent ways I have contributed to many companies success stories.

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April 2020 | September 2023

Sr. Fullstack Engineer / Application Architect @ Zyyah


Worked alongside the Director of Technology creating the stack architecture for desktop and mobile applications, along with the implementation of Mono-Repository setup using NX to hold Angular, Ionic and Express apps contained for better dependency management.

Created a set of interdependent libraries to be re-used throughout the Zyyah ecosystem of applications, such as: Authentication, User Interface, API Interaction and Utilities.

April 2016 | April 2020

Sr. Software Engineer @ 18Techs.com


Worked on various client projects, most prominently on a paint manufacturing planning platform for Diamond Vogel migrating legacy systems to an Angular + .NET stack with a Bootstrap UI framework

Development for The Weather Channel integrating Angular Components into their custom CMS platform

Also worked on leading in-house POS products for the restaurant industry with the Delite POS brand under a MEAN stack

July 2015 | April 2016

Sr. Software Engineer @ Informatech Costa Rica


Worked on internal management systems for Intelepeer, a telecommunications company, helped create a Front End platform that communicates with several existant API's that manage SIP Trunking capabilities.

Side projects are how you keep learning

When it comes to development, design and photography. I try to stay busy and up to date.

  • Grupo Lenex
    Grupo Lenex

    Wordpress + React

  • Mega Mensajeros
    Mega Mensajeros

    React + Firebase

  • Balance

    React + Firebase

  • Roboute Guiliman
    Roboute Guiliman

    Product Photography

  • Gamma 7 | Podcast Studio
    Gamma 7 | Podcast Studio

    Wordpress + External APIs

  • Aranick Montero
    Aranick Montero

    Logo Design

  • Enerpot

    Identity Design

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